Chicken on Tomato Boats

Funny name, eh? Yesterday, I felt artistic, so I created a dish that I hoped could rival those found at restaurants that serve $20+ prix fixe meals. Obviously, my culinary skills are no where near those of David Chang, who happens to be Korean, or Jean-Georges, but I tried. Hopefully, you will enjoy being part of the creation of “Chicken on Tomato Boats.”

First I started with the base of five sun dried tomatoes.

Then I added a thin slice of avocado. My cutting skills are lacking, so some of the “thin slices” are more like cubes.

Next, I added some quinoa. However, looking back, I should have added a bed of quinoa on the sun dried tomatoes before adding the avocados. I could have fit more quinoa on the “tomato boats.”

One of the final steps is to skewer a few cubed pieces of chicken onto toothpicks and skewering the toothpicks onto the boat.

Voilá! After some finishing touches such as a drop of hummus in the middle and goat cheese sprinkled on top, the dish is finished! I ate the five towering pillars of chicken rather quickly. The softness of the avocados and the chewiness of the sun dried tomatoes complemented the chicken pretty well. However, I should learn to prepare this dish more quickly because the chicken was quite cold by the time I ate it. Granted, taking pictures took up a lot of time. Oh and also, these picture were taken on my new Nikon D3000!

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Hi, my name is Earl. I am a student who loves to analyze food and eat healthy. My careful eye for food has caused me to become interested in the science behind food and cooking, and I write about my explorations into food on my website While I believe in sticking to whole, natural foods, I'm not afraid to work with avant-garde ingredients and equipment such as constant temperature water baths and sodium alginate. I also love photography, technology, and journalism.

06. June 2010 von Earl
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  • jing

    okay these seriously look amazing. and i want your camera hahha
    btw have you have had marmite?

    • earleats

      Hey! Thanks!

      No I haven't had marmite before. What is it?

      • jing

        so marmite is basically this extremely salty, sticky, dark brown spread made from yeast extract. i don't think it's popular in america since it's from britain or something… but i've found it in one of the local giants i think?
        usually people either love it or hate it (that's actually their slogan) and since i grew up with it, i think it's pretty much the best thing on the planet. though so far every friend i've coerced into eating it hates it haha… but do try it! it's good for spreading on crumpets or toast and bread. definitely butter them first or else the saltiness will be too overwhelming.. and personally i like having french onion laughing cow cheese + marmite/peanut butter + marmite sandwiches :)
        haha……. i just wrote an essay on marmite oh gosh

        • earleats

          Wow! Marmite seems really interesting! I'm always open to trying new things so I will definitely try it out and write a post on it asap! However, it might have to wait a bit because I'm going to have my hands full writing about New York this upcoming week haha, but I will try it! Thanks!

  • ssambar

    the colors are a bit dark but the dish looks pretty good!