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2015: What if it’s a gift?

A young teen opens up his Christmas presents to find an Xbox One. It’s a huge upgrade from the hand-me-down PlayStation 2 he used to play as a kid. He loves it and immediately becomes addicted to Halo 5, playing … Continue reading

10. January 2016 by Earl
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Outcome Independence

While drive to fulfill a certain desire helps us accomplish our goals, it can also create an unhealthy mindset. You become emotionally dependent on these desires, and setbacks or failures negatively affect other aspects of your life. Continue reading

21. March 2015 by Earl
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2014: Habits I Plan to Keep and Acquire

Will Durant once said, while paraphrasing Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” In the spirit of excellent habits, here are some habits I plan to keep or acquire in 2015. Continue reading

09. January 2015 by Earl
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2013: Strangers, Money, & Opportunity

I learned two things in 2013 that have made me a happier person. Read on to find out. Continue reading

01. January 2014 by Earl
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Raku and Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato

Raku’s dinner menu spans over 15 sections, from First Flavors to California Lineups. Among the many options are intriguing dishes such as ‘Seoul’ Train Roll and Chinese Five Spiced Duck Breast. Without doubt, Raku is not suited for the indecisive, and it is menus like this that makes me want to pursue a part-time role as a paid food writer, just so I could order everything that fancies my mind. Continue reading

20. August 2013 by Earl
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Google Chrome Academy 2013

Last week, I attended a program called Google Chrome Academy, and it was one of the most memorable weeks I’ve enjoyed in my life. Chrome Academy is a weeklong camp at Google’s main campus in Mountain View, CA, where rising sophomores and juniors learn about web technologies, such as AngularJS and Polymer, and build their own web apps for a culminating presentation Continue reading

27. June 2013 by Earl
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Reflections Upon 2012

I had a relatively productive 2012. My thoughts on balancing classwork Continue reading

30. December 2012 by Earl
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Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Continue reading

25. December 2012 by Earl
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Eating habits of the French vary greatly from the American style of eating, which may answer the question as to why French people are so slim. In addition, a review of some of the food at Chartier, a traditional French brasserie. Continue reading

20. August 2012 by Earl
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Claus & Mini Magoo’s Muesli

At Claus, a hip breakfast spot in Paris, France, you can buy healthy, organic muesli, pastries, and a variety of dried fruit such as figs. Continue reading

22. July 2012 by Earl
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