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IKEA’s Hidden Treasure

IKEA’s hidden treasure is its food court! If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you will notice the amazingly economic deals that IKEA has to offer from its food court. Much like Costco’s food court, IKEA’s offers a variety of cheap … Continue reading

20. August 2009 by Earl
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Using RSS to Save Time

I love to save time. Time for me is so precious since I have so many things to do. So when I came across RSS a while back, I was quick to adopt it and integrate it to my every … Continue reading

09. August 2009 by Earl
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Tomato and Onion Broiled Salmon

Learn how to make a delicious broiled salmon dish with tomato and onion! Continue reading

02. August 2009 by Earl
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Seasonal Summer Fruits

It is now June and the summer has started despite the wet and mellow weather on the east coast. Here I will highlight some seasonal fruits of the summer and maybe list a few recipes for each. Why buy seasonal … Continue reading

02. August 2009 by Earl
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