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The Science of Menu Creation

I recently stumbled across an article in the New York Times that explains how restaurant chefs and owners meticulously create their menus in order to stimulate diners to spend more money. It’s a very interesting read and can be found … Continue reading

27. December 2009 by Earl
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Cheesecakes Are a Piece of Cake to Make

Please excuse the lame title, but yesterday, I baked a cheesecake. Today, the cheesecake was cool and ready-to-eat. Cheesecakes are fairly easy to make, even with a lack of fancy machinery or baking tools. I did not use an electric … Continue reading

23. December 2009 by Earl
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Julie & Julia Motivates Me to Blog

Hello world! I just watched Julie & Julia, a movie that I assume any foodie has heard of. Anyways, the movie has inspired me to write a post on my blog because of the success Julie, in the movie, had … Continue reading

22. December 2009 by Earl
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