IKEA’s Hidden Treasure

IKEA’s hidden treasure is its food court!

If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you will notice the amazingly economic deals that IKEA has to offer from its food court. Much like Costco’s food court, IKEA’s offers a variety of cheap eats. From 99¢ for a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon and potato fries to $4.99 for a meal of Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry preserves, IKEA’s food selections are hard to forgo when visiting the large furniture and appliance chain.

During my last visit, I had tried the Swedish meatball meal while my sister opted for a simple organic pasta with tomato sauce. Although my experience at IKEA was a while ago, I still remember the meatballs being tender and juicy. They tasted unlike any other meatball i’ve ever tasted. They had a mild salty taste to them. The sauce poured on top of the meatballs really completed the whole dish together. I remember mixing the sauce with the mashed potatoes to add more taste to the mashed potatoes. The lingonberry preserves on the side were a rather sweet and savory deviation from the otherwise delectable dish. All the flavors really went well with each other. Definitely one of the top things to try at IKEA’s food court.

After enjoying my simple meal at IKEA and picking up the furniture we planned on buying, me and my family headed towards the check out area. While waiting in line, we realized that IKEA graciously offered the meal I had earlier in take-home packages! Currently, IKEA is selling family packages of a 2.5lb package of meatballs, two packets of gravy, one pack of RÖSTI potatoes, and one jar of lingonberry jam. So with a tempting $11.99 price tag on the complete package, picking up these exotic foods and adding it to our already overflowing shopping cart was no-brainer.

Alongside the meatballs, lingonberry preserves, and RÖSTI potatoes, IKEA offers a plethora of other foods. They have BBQ ribs, chicken wraps, salmon, hot dogs, chocolate cakes, and much more! IKEA is also known for its refreshing flavored sparkling drinks. Yes, you can buy the drinks and take them home.

Finally, the IKEA website hosts a mini site revealing some simple Swedish recipes and YouTube videos which do not work. A little Googling also yielded this nutritional information chart.

So with that said, next time you visit IKEA, be sure to stop by the food court and pick up some food or you can grab some of IKEA’s signature dishes to go!

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