Julie & Julia Motivates Me to Blog

Hello world!

I just watched Julie & Julia, a movie that I assume any foodie has heard of. Anyways, the movie has inspired me to write a post on my blog because of the success Julie, in the movie, had with her blog! The movie is quite inspirational, and I recommend it to home cooks and bloggers alike. It is a story of success through perseverance. The amount of food visuals itself is not astounding, but the story of the movie compensates for this fact.

In other news, a major snowstorm has hit the east coast which was a pleasant early Christmas gift from nature! My area got around 20 inches of snow!

The other day, I found out that microwaving chocolate milk for 1-2 minutes will yield a wonderful hot chocolate drink! Try it! Just be sure to stir the milk halfway through the microwaving process in order to evenly distribute the heat.


This is a car pretending to be snow.


This is snow pretending to be a car. Wait a minute…


That’s my dog, Bella!


This was my dinner tonight! Jjajang-myun with pork and whole-grain penne pasta!

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22. December 2009 von Earl
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