Seasonal Summer Fruits

It is now June and the summer has started despite the wet and mellow weather on the east coast. Here I will highlight some seasonal fruits of the summer and maybe list a few recipes for each.

Why buy seasonal fruits? They usually are a lot cheaper and more flavorful when bought during the right season.

Apricots- These fruits are small and sweet. Great for snacking!

Strawberry- Another sweet fruit, these red colored berries are great for many dishes and eaten raw.

Corn – America’s most abundant crop is also incredibly satisfying. When bought on a cob, corn is best eaten steamed or grilled with a little bit of seasoning such as butter.

Watermelon – Pretty much only found during the summer, it is best to take advantage of them while you can! Just slice them up and eat them!

Tomatoes – They go well with a variety of other foods and can be made into numerous side dishes.

Other summer fruits and vegetables include peaches, a variety of melons, cucumbers, cherries, grapes, plums, and mangoes!

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