Using RSS to Save Time

I love to save time. Time for me is so precious since I have so many things to do. So when I came across RSS a while back, I was quick to adopt it and integrate it to my every day life. What is RSS you might ask? Well RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. But you don’t need to know that. You only need to know that RSS can help you read through all the blogs and news sites you frequently check from one convenient location.

RSS basically allows you to create a personal online newspaper. It grabs articles from whatever site you visit and presents the news to you in an easy to digest way. When a new article is posted, RSS will present you the new article. You no longer have to constantly check blogs and news sites in hopes for a new post or an update. RSS will do this for you!

Many sites, including this one, have what is called an “RSS feed”. These feeds are the backbone of using RSS and are like a site without all the fancy designs and only the news you need. For example when you go to Toastable’s RSS feed, you will see that the articles within Toastable is presented to you in a simple bare-bones platter. Once you choose an RSS reader or feed aggregator, you can simply add multiple RSS feeds to the reader and it will consolidate all your feeds into one page.

The typical RSS reader might look like this.

Getting Started

Google Method (recommended): In order to start using RSS, you need to sign up for a Gooogle account. Once you sign up with Google, you can start using the Google RSS reader. If you already have a Google account, simply point your browser to the Google Reader! Once you have a Google account and are at the Google Reader website, all you have to do is add RSS feeds and the reader will allow you to access the site’s content bia the RSS feed!

Desktop Application Method: In order to start using RSS via a desktop application, you must first find an application such as Times and NetNewsWire. Within these apps are usually pretty simple directions to adding RSS feeds. All you need is the feed address and the app should be able to register the feed.

Some desktop applications like NetNewsWire will sync to an online RSS reader service so that you can access your RSS feeds from the web and while using a desktop app. Such synchronization is usually also needed if you want to access your RSS feeds from  your mobile phone. NetNewsWire for one, now sync with Google Reader and Google Reader has a mobile-specific web page set up.

RSS readers allow you to organize your feeds in folders and sometimes tags!

Below are a list of web RSS readers and desktop apps that you might be interested in to get started on using RSS!

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