Another New Year Resolution

By now, most people already have their New Year resolutions defined. I also have a few New Years resolutions planned out, which I discussed earlier, but I will add a couple new ones. Here they are:

  • Attempt to make 15 creative recipes from cookbooks, magazines, and websites. Or just try new recipes more often in general!
  • Create 10 original recipes of my own.

I think that these resolutions will help me be more productive in my search for delicious, yet healthy, foods! I will definetly blog about all of the new recipes I try and create!

First recipe I am trying is roasted vegetables in olive oil and cumin seeds! Unfortunately, I ran out of olive oil so I used sesame seed oil.

The roasted vegetables were a bit too salty, but they had a strong, robust taste to them. The celery and carrots were very soft.

Along with these roast vegetables, I also had pork chops! Pork chops are a great source of protein because they are low in saturated fats.

About Earl

Hi, my name is Earl. I am a student who loves to analyze food and eat healthy. My careful eye for food has caused me to become interested in the science behind food and cooking, and I write about my explorations into food on my website While I believe in sticking to whole, natural foods, I'm not afraid to work with avant-garde ingredients and equipment such as constant temperature water baths and sodium alginate. I also love photography, technology, and journalism.

25. January 2010 von Earl
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