Chicken on Tomato Boats

Funny name, eh? Yesterday, I felt artistic, so I created a dish that I hoped could rival those found at restaurants that serve $20+ prix fixe meals. Obviously, my culinary skills are no where near those of David Chang, who happens to be Korean, or Jean-Georges, but I tried. Hopefully, you will enjoy being part of the creation of “Chicken on Tomato Boats.”

First I started with the base of five sun dried tomatoes.

Then I added a thin slice of avocado. My cutting skills are lacking, so some of the “thin slices” are more like cubes.

Next, I added some quinoa. However, looking back, I should have added a bed of quinoa on the sun dried tomatoes before adding the avocados. I could have fit more quinoa on the “tomato boats.”

One of the final steps is to skewer a few cubed pieces of chicken onto toothpicks and skewering the toothpicks onto the boat.

Voilá! After some finishing touches such as a drop of hummus in the middle and goat cheese sprinkled on top, the dish is finished! I ate the five towering pillars of chicken rather quickly. The softness of the avocados and the chewiness of the sun dried tomatoes complemented the chicken pretty well. However, I should learn to prepare this dish more quickly because the chicken was quite cold by the time I ate it. Granted, taking pictures took up a lot of time. Oh and also, these picture were taken on my new Nikon D3000!

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06. June 2010 von Earl
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