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I don’t know what it is about restaurants, but some of them have the weirdest names. Take for example, the pizza place I visited while on vacation in New York. Titled “Co.” on its menu, the pizza joint has a website called “” and is referred to as “Co. Company” on NY magazine’s food review. Needless to say, I found it very confusing to try and find the restaurant on Google Maps.

Luckily, the food at Co. wasn’t reflective of its ability to create a recognizable identity.Baby octopus salad at Co.jpg

According to its menu, Co.’s baby octopus salad contains charred baby octopus, purslane, celery, mint, basil, orange, and pink peppercorn- citrus dressing. One thing is for sure though, the salad is not a lot of food. Although the portion size was rather frustrating, the salad was an interesting mix of textures. The octopus had potato chip-like crispy legs but a slimy, chewy head. The tangerines (the menu says oranges, but I’m pretty sure they’re tangerines) were a great contrast to the salted octopus and played well with the dressing.

A bit more satisfying was Co.’s margherita pizza. Whenever you visit a new pizza joint, it’s always a good idea to try the plain pizza first. The plain pizza can set the standard and help you determine whether or not the place makes good pizza.

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Co.’s margherita pizza had a liberal amount of cheese with a very light tomato sauce. The tomato sauce had a clean flavor but also a subtle rosy taste to it. The crust, being thin and crunchy with just a bit of chew, was stellar.

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The next pizza my table ordered was a special for the night: a mushroom pizza with cremini, shiitake, and oyster mushroom. The pizza was made with a béchamel base, which is a sauce derived from heating milk. Gruyere cheese was also sprinkled overtop, along with some dill, jalapeno, and the mushrooms.

As a result of the variety of ingredients that went into the pizza, the mushroom special was definitely my favorite. The crunchy pizza dough mixed with the softer mushrooms proved to be a winning combination in my mouth. The jalapenos also popped up occasionally to add an extra kick to the pizza. The béchamel and gruyere cheese base played a tasty, but modest role in the overall complexion of the pizza, allowing the mushrooms to really stand out.

Overall, Co. was worth a visit; although, next time, I won’t order any salads.

230 Ninth Avenue
Ney York, NY 10001
(212) 243-1105

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