iTunes Deflates Ratings

Okay, maybe iTunes, and consequentially Apple, does not directly bring down the ratings of applications, but perhaps implicitly, it does.

When Apple released the iPhone OS 2.2, they implemented a “feature” that prompted users to submit a rating for an application before deleting it. The rating is not necessary, but a prompt shows up nonetheless. I realized that, as a result of the new feature, iPhone application ratings could possibly drop on average.

If an iPhone owner — I myself am one — decides to delete an application, he most likely would not rate the application highly. Thus, by inserting a prompt when deleting an application, and not one for when a user truly enjoys an application, the iPhone OS is indirectly dragging down application ratings on the App Store.

While this thought may be of no significance, besides the fact that overall drop in application ratings will result in overall drop of application sales — and revenue, I felt that I had to voice my thought into the world wide web, to my nonexistent and imaginary readership.

Thanks for reading! I will be posting a step-by-step recipe on making baked tortilla chips this following week.

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07. March 2010 von Earl
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