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This is day two of a series of posts detailing my June 2010 trip to New York.

So on the night I got to New York, I shopped at a local grocery store called Pathmart. One of the items I bought was, as far as my experience goes, the world’s most healthy cereal. That is quite a bold claim for me to be declaring, but I have my reasons.Kashi’s original GoLean cereal packs quite the punch for breakfast. Of the 140 calories that constitute a 52 gram, 1 cup serving of the cereal, 52 calories come from protein, and 80 calories come from carbohydrates. At the same time, the cereal provides 10 grams of fiber, which is practically 30 percent of the daily fiber needs of a healthy adult. Kashi’s original GoLean cereal is composed of a multitude of different things. There are tough twig-like pieces, puffy crisp rice, and softer, square-shaped pieces that practically melt when wet.

kashi golean original cereal

For lunch, I had some traditional Korean foods: tofu that was lightly fried then marinated in a sauce, sautéed spinach, and brown rice. This particular Korean tofu dish is a big favorite of mine. My grandma cooks it all the time whenever I visit her and my mom up in New York. When I’m hungry, I can usually eat over 10 slices. In the picture there are 3 slices. Also, the sautéed spinach is really light. Although the word sautéed might indicate otherwise, the spinach dish is cool and refreshing. The dish has a mild saltiness to it and pairs great with the other items on the plate.

korean spicy tofu and spinach

Lastly, for dinner, I went to a sushi buffet called Minado. The drive from New York City is about 25 miles, but my family and I started from Queens, NY, so we did not have to drive too long. Regardless, Minado is definitely worth the trek outside of stereotypical New York.

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The sushi buffet is actually half sushi and half other Japanese foods. There is also a wonderful dessert bar which includes incredibly fluffy cakes and fresh fruit. The sushi selection at Minado is far from modest. There is everything from plain tuna to uni (sea urchin). I wish I had taken a picture of the actual buffet bar, but I estimate that there were over 24 different sushi and sashimi type dishes. There was even a miniature boat that just housed large chunks of plain yellowfin and tuna. Talk about high quality, healthy protein. The sushi rolls varied from exotic ones such as a rainbow roll to the popular spicy tuna crunch roll. Although I ate more plain fish than actual rolls, the rolls I did taste were great.

The non-sushi section of Minado is equally as appealing as the sushi section. There were teriyaki beef strips, tempura, grilled salmon, prime rib, grilled scallops, and so forth. Another row of food contained a variety of Asian-styled salads. There were seaweed salad, peanut noodle salad, my personal favorite the shiitake mushroom salad, and many more. The selection is simply endless. The average person would not be able to taste all the offerings without multiple visits.

One dish I particularly liked was tataki salmon with cilantro sauce. The salmon was covered in an incredibly refreshing, robust cilantro sauce that gave the salmon a surprising kick.

Minado sushi.jpg

In summary, Minado is a MUST VISIT.

Minado Japanese Sushi Buffet
219 Glen Cove Rd
Carle Place, NY 11514
(516) 294-9541

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