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Nick’s Pizza is a cute little restaurant in a cute little neighborhood. The neighborhood is some sort of hybrid between city and suburb. The apartments look olden and idyllic, but next to the apartments are streets lined with bustling grocery stores, mom-and-pop stores, and some nice restaurants. Nick’s Pizza itself has a giant glass wall facade. The place does not look remarkable by any means, but its pizza is great.Half-and-half pizza with proscuitto at Nick's Pizza.jpg

I make an effort to always try a new pizza place if I’m in New York because the pizza in Maryland does not compare to those in New York, but I may have to stop that habit and start eating at Nick’s more often. The pizza is incredibly thin, which is a trait not uncommon in the pizzerias I’ve eaten at, but the cheese is luxuriously thick and satisfying. At first, the cheese oozes and stretches like gum. It tears, and it’s pliable. After the cheese cools however, the gum-like qualities disappear, and a semi-salty hunk of chewy glory remains. The cheese does not get “hard” after it cools, but it’s remarkably harder than in it’s initial gum-like state. While some may find this hardiness a bit repulsive, I loved it. Also, the pizza is topped by some fresh basil.

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My table ordered a plain pizza and also a half-and-half pizza. The half-and-half pizza is simply a pizza with a different style on each side. One side has cheese, the other doesn’t. the half-and-half pizza also contained proscuitto topping. The proscuitto was a bit too salty but was manageable. The plain pizza had jalepenos, per the request of my sister. I found the pizza too spicy to be enjoyable.

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Nick’s Pizza
108-26 Ascan Ave.
Queens, NY 11375

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