Potbelly Sandwiches

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is an amazing go-to lunch spot. The shop’s super-cheap sandwiches (prices vary from $4 – $5.50 per sandwich) are consistently delicious. I’ve tasted the roast beef, turkey, italian, meatball, wreck, and mushroom melt sandwiches and each has a distinct taste. The meat is very juicy, not dry. Their toppings, including tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, italian seasoning, hot peppers, mayo, cheese, and mustard, are fresh. The tomato slices are impeccably thin. Although the hot peppers, in my opinion, are very oily, their fiery, spicy flavor is definitely worth it. I recently tried the non-fat vinaigrette, and it has a sweet, honey-like taste to it with an added tangy “zing.” Potbelly also serves malts, shakes, salads, soups, cookies, chips, and a variety of drinks (from their cooler).

Potbelly has a very chill atmosphere. They frequently have local musicians playing in the store, during peak hours, such as Friday night. The Potbelly store near my local movie theatre also sells movie tickets for $7.50 which is a $3 discount! Of course, you need to buy a sandwich first though.

The above picture is one I took at a bagel store in New York! Sort of random, but I like the picture!

Also, 24 recently started, and I ended up watching episodes one through three, last night. It is that intense. Jack Bauer just can’t stay away from trouble.

Speaking of entertainment, I watched Sherlock Holmes today with my girlfriend. The movie was incredibly well-executed and was based of an intriguing plot. I am not sure if the plot was drawn from one of the Sherlock Holmes books or not, but the movie was amazing. Definitely a must-see.

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21. January 2010 von Earl
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