Premiere of Chuck is awesome

Rotisserie-Chicken-Salad.jpgI watched the season premiere of Chuck today! It was quite amazing. So amazing that I was compelled to grab my second apple of the night during a commercial break, so I could further enjoy the show.

Also, this past week I had this appetizing salad. It was very refreshing and light. The dressing used was a combination of soy sauce, rice wine, some sort of Asian pepper flakes, and sesame seeds! The chicken was just left overs from a rotisserie.


This is what I ate today as a lunch/snack. They are zucchini sticks from Costco. They’re healthy, at 140 calories per three sticks, and have a nice crunchy outer layer. I ate mine with some mango salsa and spinach dip.

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16. January 2010 von Earl
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