Poached Egg with Bean Filling

Golden-Egg-with-Bean.jpgA while ago, I read a blog post at Serious Eats (which is a great blog for any foodie) about Shaun Hergatt’s “Golden Egg.” Essentially, it is a poached egg topped with some fancy décors, which coincidentally taste heavenly. It looks very classy and elegant, a dish fit for the president; purportedly, it tastes divine also. The article also happened to include a tutorial on how one could make the golden egg, as shown by Hergatt himself. Hence, I gave the technique a try. Meaning, I didn’t use any of the fancy toppings, but I did use the same method of poaching.

For my take on this recipe, I tried to suspend a ball of refried beans in the poached egg. Hence, I would have a lush creamy interior and a gelatin-like exterior.

This poached egg is a great snack or breakfast item because it is high in protein and low in fat. The beans should add a small amount of fiber in your diet also.

First, the contestants!Ingredients-Bean-Egg.jpg Two simple ingredients, plus some tools, are all you need.

You will need to smash the beans. Smash the hard, to bitter pulp. Or at least until it looks like this…Smashing-Beans.jpg

Next, separate the yolks from the egg. This is a very simple process; crack the eggs into a bowl and spoon out the yolk carefully.

Once you are done with that, place a plastic wrap in a very small bowl. Then pour the egg whites and a spherical shaped chunk of the smashed beans in the egg whites. Smashed-Beans-in-Egg-White.jpg

The next part is, possibly, the most tricky part of this culinary adventure. Tie up the plastic wrap containing the egg and beans by folding together the four corners. Be sure to avoid any gaping holes in the folds! Hopefully, you’ll end up with this. Egg-in-Plastic-Wrap-Setup.jpg

Assuming you used enough plastic wrap and the plastic wrap is not falling apart, tie a rubber band around the neck of the setup.

Once you have the plastic wrap-poaching setup ready, place it in boiling water. Lower the heat so that the water is simmering once the egg is inside the water. I placed the egg inside a ladle so that it would form a circular shape. Egg-in-Plastic-Wrap-in-Water.jpg

Once the egg has cooked thoroughly, take the egg out and bathe it in cold water. After that, it’s pretty simple unwrapping the egg from the plastic wrap. Be sure to unwrap carefully though. I undercooked mine, since this was the first time I attempted this recipe.


  • 2 tbsp canned beans
  • 2 egg whites

You will also need saran wrap, a ladle, and a rubber band as tools.


  1. Smash about 2 tbsp of sweet canned beans
  2. Obtain two egg whites; crack two eggs and spoon out the yolk.
  3. Mold a plastic wrap into a bowl and pour the egg whites and smashed beans into the plastic-wrapped bowl.
  4. Tie up the plastic wrap’s four corners and bind with a rubber band.
  5. Poach the plastic wrap containing the egg whites in simmering water for 10+ minutes.
  6. Once cooked, the egg should be placed in a cold-water bath.
  7. Unwrap the plastic wrap and enjoy!

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