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Curing salmon to make lox

Learn how to cure salmon. Cured salmon, or lox, tastes similar to smoked salmon, Nova, and more. Continue reading

20. March 2011 by Earl
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CLIF Kids Organic ZBaR

Review of Clif Kids Organic ZBaR, chocolate chip flavor. Continue reading

18. March 2011 by Earl
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Want to learn how to perfectly cook beef or any other food? What is sous-vide cooking? Read more about it here! Continue reading

06. March 2011 by Earl
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Modernist Cuisine and the future of cooking

What happens when all Einstein-caliber intellect goes towards making a cookbook? Five volumes, 2,400 pages, 43 pounds of paper and 4 pounds of ink emerge from a 20-man team and nearly half a decade of time. “Cookbook” would be an understatement for this soon-to-be culinary canon. Continue reading

02. March 2011 by Earl
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