Broccoli Puree

Broccoli Puree

There are too many variegated vegetables in our lovely world to count, but if there is one vegetable that epitomizes the vegetable, it would be broccoli. Yes, that miniature tree.

When I was a child, my mother would often make a creamy cheddar and broccoli dish that I would devour hungrily as if it was macaroni and cheese. The comforting aroma of cheese combined with the soft, structure of steamed broccoli imprinted cherished memories in me. Next to cartoons and videos, foods like cheddar broccoli are what composed my childhood.

As a health nut, I no longer indulge in the luxurious goodness of oozing, liquid cheese, but instead, I have a recipe that is similar in taste, though not texture, to cheddar broccoli. I have made a broccoli puree that combines the cheesiness of cheddar broccoli with the thicker consistency of mashed potatoes. Broccoli puree is more fibrous and not as smooth as either mashed potatoes or cheddar broccoli, but the dish is healthier.

Broccoli itself shines in the nutritional department. With over 100% daily value of vitamin C and K and a host of other vitamins ranging from folate to even calcium, broccoli casts a wide array of nutritional goodness. Like most vegetables, it is best to steam broccoli so that the nutrients do not wash away in boiling water. Roasting would preserve the vitamins too.
Sous vide steak

I initially served my broccoli puree with slices of sous-vide steak and charred oatmeal. I also later tried the broccoli puree as a tortilla chip dip, but I think the puree needs a bit more creaminess and spice to act as a dip.

Broccoli Puree
Ingredients Directions
453g broccoli florets (1 lb) 1. Microwave or steam the broccoli until soft.
60 ml heavy cream (1/4 cup) 2. Put all ingredients into blender and blend until desired consistency is reached.
6.5g salt (1 tablespoon)  
28g provolone cheese (1 oz)  

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