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Oatmeal at Eastern Standard Kitchen

So there are about three more restaurant reviews about my trip to Cambridge/Boston, MA that I have yet to complete, and as the days wistfully wash by, my memory of the foods I ate at up north will too. Chances are, I will only remember if a food tasted really good or really bad. Luckily, most of the food in Cambridge and Boston was really good.

Eastern Standard Kitchen is nestled right in the outskirts of Boston University and has a quaint outside dining area. Going inside transports you into the past where the seats are sparkling red and plush, the lighting emanates a soft yellow glow, and the marbled countertops shine like they were just washed. Elegance simply defines the restaurant.Breakfast platter at Eastern Standard Kitchen

My friend and I went to Eastern Standard Kitchen for breakfast, so the full menu was not available to us. Regardless, I ordered a plate of oatmeal and some grilled ham. My friend ordered scrambled eggs, bagel, and potatoes.

I can only speak for what I ordered, but the steel-cut oatmeal was heavenly. Prior to eating the oatmeal, I hadn’t eaten oatmeal at home for a few months. There are bouts of time when I will eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast, but sometimes I will eat only cereal. Trying oatmeal for the first time in a while may have heightened my sense, but the oatmeal was silky smooth albeit a bit watery. The little pieces of oats popped in my mouth, letting loose a nice crunch, and the maple syrup struck chords of blissful sweet.

Grilled ham at Eastern Standard Kitchen

Unfortunately, the grilled ham tasted disappointing. They were a bit dry and sub-par in taste.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-9100

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