Food Roundup: July 4-10, 2011

Garlic bagel with lox at Whitestone Bagel Factory

Garlic bagel with lox at Whitestone Bagel Factory. Salmon such as the one used in this sandwich may drop in price if AquaBounty's GM Salmon successful achieves commercialization.

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  1. Smithsonian highlights Modernist cuisine — It seems like the accolades never end for Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine, the $625, six-volume cookbook that weighs more than five newborn babies.
  2. Myhrvold makes sales pitch during TED talk — Again, the publicity for Modernist Cuisine never ends. Here, Myhrvold makes a case for why a cookbook like Modernist Cuisine is so revolutionary and overdue.
  3. GM Salmon runs into trouble in House — Couple months ago, genetically modified salmon produced by AquaBounty which grow significantly faster than normal salmon was announced to undergo review by the USDA for commercial production. Preliminary findings showed no scientific reason for the salmon to not go commercial. They tasted the same as non-genetically modified salmon and had the same nutritional makeup. Recently however, a move by members of the House pose a threat to the commercialization of the salmon.

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