Katz’s Delicatessen

Pastrami sandwich at Katz s Deli

For the world’s best pastrami sandwich, call 1-800-4HOTDOG. It seems odd that Katz’s Delicatessen, a New York City deli, has settled on a number containing ‘HOTDOG’, when their specialty—since its opening in 1888—is the veritable king of pastrami sandwiches. However, one taste of their flagship product tells all. Katz’s pastrami packs the intense flavors of a gourmet frankfurter with less than half the fat and twice the protein.

In the past century, Katz’s has become a bastion of classic New York City cuisine, alongside places like Gray’s Papaya and Russ & Daughters, and, like the latter, Katz’s delivers its signature product all across the nation. You simply need to go online to satisfy those pastrami cravings.

Katz’s pastrami traditionally comes served on rye bread with not much else, but simplicity is key in drawing out rich flavors. The deep red hue stands bright in the yolk-colored canvas of rye bread, and the savory flavor of pastrami shines uncontested against auxiliary flavors.

The rush of ordering at Katz’s is an experience in and of itself. During lunch hours, a horde of people crowd around the counter to order, while employees diligently slice, stack, and assemble pastrami sandwiches. Forceful yells fly across the air commanding people waiting in one line to distribute evenly into shorter lines, and grunts spring from behind the counter signaling that an order has been made.

At $15.75, Katz’s pastrami sandwich is not cheap, but price reflects popularity—as well as size.

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