Food Roundup: June 13-19

Sorry about the absence of posts for the past two weeks. I’ve been busy with high school graduation and beach week. Fear not though, I will be back full force and have more than enough topics to write about, including a 48-hour sous-vid top round beef that you might have caught a glimpse of at my Facebook or Twitter. In the mean time, here are some interesting links and articles I stumbled upon!

  1. — A website that generates a healthy diet on a day-by-day basis depending on the number of calories you want to eat and the number of meals you want to break the calories down into. The developer appears to be active, and the project seems like an up-and-coming one.
  2. Freakonomics of rising demand for quinoa (NY Times) — Quinoa is a healthy grain with numerous essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis in humans. As a result, they have become wildly popular amongst vegetarians and those who try to eat healthy. Unfortunately, the rising demand of quinoa has caused repercussions for those who traditionally grow quinoa, since they themselves can no longer afford the product.
  3. Baking your way to a job (NY Times) — There’s no question that baked goods make for wonderful breakfast treats and desserts. However, Lisa Thompson proves that they can also serve as a way for those with troubled backgrounds to find the grounding necessary to gain a stead job. Thompson runs a baking school for disadvantaged adolescents, providing them work experience and culinary training.
  4. Creative dining at Yale (NY Times) — Zach Marks fully utilizes Yale’s dining halls to concoct delicate masterpieces of his own. Using both prepared entrées and plain sauces, spices, and other ingredients, Marks elevates Yale dining hall food to restaurant worthy plates. I want to meet this guy when I get a chance this fall.

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