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I realize that I have not posted on Toastable for a while—almost three weeks?! That is because I have been incredibly busy with various obligations and not-so-obligatory activities. These activities range from MIT’s campus preview weekend, a camping trip, a potluck, catching up on obligatory schoolwork due to non-obligatory fun, and the list goes on. I am only in school for ten days during the month of April due to various college visiting days and spring break, so atlthough that gives reason for me to have more time to write on Toastable, I actually end up with less time because of all the schoolwork I must catch up on. Regardless, I have some exciting topics to discuss, such as miracle berries/miraculin and liquid nitrogen ice cream. For now though, you all will have to wait until next week, when my spring break starts! I promise that the wait will be worth it.

About Earl

Hi, my name is Earl. I am a student who loves to analyze food and eat healthy. My careful eye for food has caused me to become interested in the science behind food and cooking, and I write about my explorations into food on my website Toastable.com. While I believe in sticking to whole, natural foods, I'm not afraid to work with avant-garde ingredients and equipment such as constant temperature water baths and sodium alginate. I also love photography, technology, and journalism.

10. April 2011 von Earl
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