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Miya’s Sushi

At Miya’s, you can find fresh, non-traditional sushi that combines ingredients you would never have suspected go well together—let alone, in a sushi roll. Continue reading

30. June 2012 by Earl
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Oaxaca Kitchen

Oaxaca Kitchen, though it has potential, lacks finesse in its cooking. The salsa verde works, and the mole rojo sauce is admirable, but the restaurant has ways to go. Continue reading

12. June 2012 by Earl
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Simple sous-vide chicken breast

Sous-vide chicken breasts are easy to cook and super healthy. Add your favorite sauce, red onions, and garlic for a kick. Continue reading

09. June 2012 by Earl
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Setting the Table

In Setting the Table, Meyer articulates not what makes him such a great restauranteur but a successful CEO of a food service company. Meyer, who brought us restaurants like Union Square Café, Shake Shack, and Eleven Madison Park, emphasizes the importance of hospitality when providing others a service or product. He divulges a handful of tenets, which, if followed correctly, can lead to a loyal following behind a brand and stable, long-term growth of business. Continue reading

02. June 2012 by Earl
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