Christmas Dinner

Kimchi and egg sandwich

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Above, is a kimchi and egg sandwich I made a few days ago. I spent the majority of the day today cooking and working out. I talked to some nice stranger at the gym who went to Hobart College in upstate New York. Apparently, he played lacrosse there, and decades later, he doesn’t seem to have gotten out of shape at all, definitely something we should all aspire to—lifetime fitness.

For dinner, I cooked NY strip steaks in a 132ºF water bath for ~7 hours. I learned that 7 hours is much too long to cook a strip steak for. The texture of meat somewhat disappeared, and in retrospect, I should have gone with a quick 1-1.5 hour cooking time.

We also had a ton of roasted vegetables—yams, butternut squash, beets, and Brussels sprouts. Everything besides the Brussels sprouts were simply seasoned with olive oil and sea salt. I used a balsamic, Dijon mustard vinaigrette for the Brussels sprouts. The Dijon mustard was the last of an artisanal brand I brought back from Paris this summer.

Christmas Plate

Vegetables for Christmas

Anyways, did you know that the Brussels in Brussels sprouts must be capitalized at all times because it refers to the capital of Belgium? I always knew Brussels was a place, but I didn’t know the capitalization of Brussels in the vegetable name was correct spelling until now. That’s all of now, and I hope to get a more informative post in soon! Thanks.

Christmas Plate 2

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