Fall Semester & Heirloom

New England chopped salad at Heirloom

This past fall semester has been quite hectic for me. I took on five classes, a board position at the school newspaper, and, more recently, a new job with Yale’s Collaborative Learning Center. On top of that, the Yale Epicurean put out another stellar issue, and the Epicurean recipes editor Lucas founded a culinary society, which I am now a part of. I also lifted with the club Powerlifting Team for the early part of the semester, though scheduling conflicts put an end to that and forced me to lift on my own. I’m hoping to be able to attend practices again in the spring.

Anyways, despite being overloaded and stressed for time, this semester has also been an reinvigorating one. I feel like I’ve gotten back the rigor I had during my junior year of high school where every second had a purpose—a slight overstatement but something I strive for. I also learned a lot, from what sub game perfect equilibrium is to how basic facial recognition works. I love learning new things and being productive, so this has been a great semester in that sense.

I’ve also figured out that I definitely want to get into the computer science field, though I feel like this is something I knew subconsciously for quite some time. The only question now is whether I double major with CS and Economics, just major in CS, major in the CS & Math joint major, or major in the Electrical Engineering & CS joint major. Regardless, I’ve gotten enough requirements out of the way so that I can do any of the above by taking only four classes a semester from here on out, which will give me more time to pursue side projects and learn more applicable computer science knowledge, since Yale’s CS curriculum is concept-heavy.

But enough about my life, after all, this is a food blog, and you’re all probably hungry for some food pictures.Key lime panna cotta at Heirloom

Including the featured photo up top, these above and below photos are from a lunch at Heirloom I had with Sarah and Jessica.

Apple caramel gelato at Heirloom

I ordered a New England chopped salad which came with an abundance of wheat berries and cider citronette dressing. The cranberries leaked sweet liquid essence upon the salad leaves, and the goat cheese embedded itself into every bite for a sophisticated layer of savoriness. The ingredients all appeared to be fresh, as not a single wilted green was found in the bowl.

I indulged in a bit of dessert, so although I’m not qualified to judge harshly on desserts because I rarely eat them, the apple caramel gelato successfully juggled a balancing act between sweet and salty, similar to the salad.

Heirloom can get quite pricey ($12-16 for an entrée), so it’s not completely worth the cost but you won’t leave with much regret unless you have an incredibly voracious appetite.

Heirloom at the Study Hotel
1157 Chapel St
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 503-3919

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18. December 2012 von Earl
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