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Known as one of the better brunch restaurants in New York City, Prune serves comforting, fresh dishes and and conduces an atmosphere perfect for meeting friends on a lazy Sunday morning. Continue reading

23. June 2011 by Earl
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WD~50: Part Two

During my last post, I discussed four foodstuffs—yes, that is a real word—from WD~50, and three of the items were from the tasting menu. In this post, I will review the other eight items on the tasting menu in addition … Continue reading

09. January 2011 by Earl
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Breakfast Potatoes With Oyster Mushrooms

Learn how to make a breakfast dish using eggs, red potatoes, and oyster mushrooms! The result is a crispy, yet mushy, mix of deliciousness! Continue reading

13. November 2010 by Earl
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Breakfast Quinoa with Tomatoes

Learn a recipe for how to make a healthy breakfast of quinoa and eggs! Continue reading

22. May 2010 by Earl
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Poached Egg with Bean Filling

A while ago, I read a blog post at Serious Eats (which is a great blog for any foodie) about Shaun Hergatt’s “Golden Egg.” Essentially, it is a poached egg topped with some fancy décors, which coincidentally taste heavenly. It … Continue reading

05. February 2010 by Earl
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