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Liquid nitrogen ice cream

Learn the science behind and how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream. Continue reading

17. April 2011 by Earl
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WD~50: Part Two

During my last post, I discussed four foodstuffs—yes, that is a real word—from WD~50, and three of the items were from the tasting menu. In this post, I will review the other eight items on the tasting menu in addition … Continue reading

09. January 2011 by Earl
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WD~50: Part One

Wylie Dufresne’s WD~50 is an interesting restaurant that serves up avant-garde cuisine by using molecular gastronomy techniques. In this post, I review the first few dishes of Dufresne’s tasting menu, including items such as foie gras and ice cream bagel Continue reading

30. December 2010 by Earl
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An oasis within New York City, Hangawi serves a delicious Korean vegetarian fare in a calming and refreshing atmosphere. Hangawi makes diners forget that they are in a vegetarian restaurant because the dishes are so delicious that they are mesmerizing. Continue reading

29. August 2010 by Earl
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Eating Sugar Does Not Satisfy Hunger

Why sugar does not make you feel more full. Continue reading

08. May 2010 by Earl
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Columbia Roast Banana Ice Cream

Mmmmhhh banana ice cream. Can anything be more satisfying yes healthy? Banana ice cream is the real deal. It is creamy, sweet, refreshing and everything else normal ice cream is — without the guilt. Adding on to the appeals of … Continue reading

20. February 2010 by Earl
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