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Google Chrome Academy 2013

Last week, I attended a program called Google Chrome Academy, and it was one of the most memorable weeks I’ve enjoyed in my life. Chrome Academy is a weeklong camp at Google’s main campus in Mountain View, CA, where rising sophomores and juniors learn about web technologies, such as AngularJS and Polymer, and build their own web apps for a culminating presentation Continue reading

27. June 2013 by Earl
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Miya’s Sushi

At Miya’s, you can find fresh, non-traditional sushi that combines ingredients you would never have suspected go well together—let alone, in a sushi roll. Continue reading

30. June 2012 by Earl
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Yoyogi Sushi

Yoyogi is a very basic, no-frills sushi restaurant that does best what it’s meant to do, serve delicious sushi. Continue reading

10. April 2012 by Earl
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Fin’s offers quality sushi at a reasonable price. Great for lunch. Continue reading

14. January 2012 by Earl
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WD~50: Part Two

During my last post, I discussed four foodstuffs—yes, that is a real word—from WD~50, and three of the items were from the tasting menu. In this post, I will review the other eight items on the tasting menu in addition … Continue reading

09. January 2011 by Earl
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WD~50: Part One

Wylie Dufresne’s WD~50 is an interesting restaurant that serves up avant-garde cuisine by using molecular gastronomy techniques. In this post, I review the first few dishes of Dufresne’s tasting menu, including items such as foie gras and ice cream bagel Continue reading

30. December 2010 by Earl
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ABC Kitchen

Hey everyone! I recently posted a restaurant review for ABC Kitchen in New York on the Amateur Gourmet community blog. Hopefully, the post will help me gain some more exposure! Go check the post out! If you’re reading this and … Continue reading

28. July 2010 by Earl
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Minado; Kashi GoLean Cereal

Read a restaurant review of Minado sushi buffet in New York and a review of Kashi GoLean cereal! Continue reading

27. June 2010 by Earl
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