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Recipe: Mozzarella Balloon

Learn how to make mozzarella balloons. Fill them up with tomato foam for an avant-garde caprese dish. Continue reading

24. November 2011 by Earl
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Chicken on Tomato Boats

Read chicken on tomato boats, an elegant appetizer snack that is high in proteins and healthy fats. Continue reading

06. June 2010 by Earl
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Breakfast Quinoa with Tomatoes

Learn a recipe for how to make a healthy breakfast of quinoa and eggs! Continue reading

22. May 2010 by Earl
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Thai Tanium

Located right next to a Five Guys burger restaurant, Thai Tanium has fierce competition. Many casual passersby might miss this gem of a restaurant. However, those who do notice Thai Tanium are in for a treat. For obvious reasons, Thai … Continue reading

06. March 2010 by Earl
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Beans with Orange

I may have chosen a horrible topic to blog about. Why? Because healthy foods are generally not the most aesthetically-pleasing and tasty foods in the world. I guess that isn’t wholly true, but the recipe I cooked on Friday night … Continue reading

28. February 2010 by Earl
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Tomato and Onion Broiled Salmon

Learn how to make a delicious broiled salmon dish with tomato and onion! Continue reading

02. August 2009 by Earl
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