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Fage Chobani Dannon Olympus Brown Cow Yoplait Greek yogurt

As a health nut, I love yogurt. Specifically, I love Greek yogurt. What’s not to like about it? Greek yogurt has a thick, luscious texture and packs a whollop of protein. I have even recommended making Greek yogurt a staple for breakfast in this post. Not only is Greek yogurt a treat to eat raw, but also, you can substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream in various dishes and add a bit of dairy, creaminess, to a plate with Greek yogurt. The expensive price of Greek yogurt remains its only drawback.

Anyways, I was shopping for groceries one day when I came up with the idea to hold a Greek yogurt taste test. After all, Greek yogurt has become a sort of viral trend, with mainstream brands such as Yoplait and Dannon rolling out their own takes on Greek yogurt. One of these brands has to be the best, and reciprocally, one of them has to be the worst. Thus, with the motif of providing you dear readers valuable yogurt shopping information, I bought six different brands of Greek yogurt to rank them comparatively based on three categories. I chose the fat-free versions of each brand’s yogurt except for Fage, which I chose a 2% fat Greek yogurt. All samples were strawberry flavored—though I recommend buying natural, non-flavored Greek yogurt and adding your own honey.Fage Chobani Dannon Olympus Brown Cow Yoplait Greek yogurt 2

Categories of Ranking

Sweetness — Pretty self-explanatory. How sweet was the Greek yogurt?
Creaminess — The richness, or milkiness of yogurt. Did the yogurt remind me of dairy?
Texture — The smoothness and
feel of yogurt. Was it curdy? Did it leave a bad feel in the mouth?
Overall — How much I enjoyed the particular yogurt.

Fage Chobani Dannon Olympus Brown Cow Yoplait Greek yogurt 3

Comparisons of strawberry-flavored Greek yogurt

Fage — would eat again
Sweetness: 5
Creaminess: 9
Texture: 7 slightly gritty, smooth clear flavor
Overall: 9

Olympus — wouldn’t eat again
Sweetness: 6
Creaminess: 3 watery
Texture: 5 a bit of dryness afterwards
Overall: 5

Dannon — would eat again
Sweetness: 9 distinct strawberry flavor
Creaminess: 7
Texture: 8 clear , smooth
Overall: 8

Brown Cow — wouldn’t eat again
Sweetness: 8 apple juicy sweetness
Creaminess: 7
Texture: 8
Overall: 6

Chobani — would eat again
Sweetness: 7 distinct strawberry flavor
Creaminess: 6 not thick
Texture: 7
Overall: 7

Yoplait — wouldn’t eat again
Sweetness: 4 sweet but really not strawberry tasting
Creaminess: 8
Texture: 7
Overall: 1

Fage Chobani Dannon Olympus Brown Cow Yoplait Greek yogurt 4

Some notes

Dannon and Fage had the most distinct strawberry flavors.

Fage Chobani Dannon Olympus Brown Cow Yoplait Greek yogurt 5

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